A stroke of insight


Have you ever wondered about that continuous voice inside your head? That voice that is talking to you non-stop about what you still have to do, what you did wrong and what you did really well. That voice that likes to reminisce and repeat past conversations, or perhaps prefers to daydream and play out conversations that you might have in some imagined future. That voice that can take on multiple personalities by playing you, your best friend, mother, and next door neighbor all at the same time. Personally I can have these conversations non-stop. Sometimes I really need to snap out of it because it can leave me feeling exhausted and disconnected.

With this in mind I was thinking about my own meditation practice and how it allows me to decrease or even fully stop that constant brain chatter, which leaves me feeling very peaceful and satisfied. And then I wondered in which way my left and right brain are involved in all of this. So I searched the internet and discovered a TED-talk by Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist who suffered from a stroke due to a blood vessel that exploded in the left half of her brain, and watched as her brain functions (including motion, speech and self-awareness) shut down one by one. Even though she does not talk about meditation, the story is very interesting as it gives a great insight into the functioning of the brain. If you are curious, you can watch the video below:

Photo credit: Morguefile – markgraf